Latest News: If you have not yet paid your CFOA/CHSAA dues, you must pay them by March 1 to be varsity eligible in the 2017 season!
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We are part of the Colorado Football Officials Association (CFOA) and Colorado's largest football officials' association with over 200 members. Our members officiate high school (varsity, junior varsity, and freshman) football primarily in the Denver metro area as well as high schools in the mountains and on the plains of Colorado.

CFOA Hall of Fame Banquet

The 2016 CFOA Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on Saturday, Dec 10, at Kent Denver High School (4000 E Quincy Ave).  The event will be in the Dining Hall, just east of the athletic fields.  Meet & Greet will begin at 11:30am, with the luncheon and awards ceremony beginning at 12:30.  Tickets are $30/person.  Come support the 2016 inductees, including Stu Bader.

Please fill out and return the Reservation Form as soon as possible.  For questions, contact Steve Hall (info on the form).

REDUCED RATE CHSAA DUES - Pay by Dec 1 2016.

In order to get the reduced rate for the 2017 CHSAA Dues, you must pay by 2016.  The easiest way is to pay via Arbiter.  If you pay after that date, the amount will go up.

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR ATTENDANCE.  Below is a link to the attendance records.  Please take a look and make sure it is accurate.  It is your responsibility to double-check and make sure we didn't miss anything.  If you see an error, contact Jim Altman.

Meeting Attendance (as of October 24, 2016)


Recent News Posts

CFOA Mechanics Manual

Here are two links for digital versions of the mechanics manual:

Be sure to use ALL the amendments.  A new edition of the printed manual will be available in a few years, but in the meantime, use both the above.

Ben Gregory Award

The Ben Gregory award is given to a retired football coach in the metro area. This award is given to a coach who was a great facilitator of sportsmanship towards opponents as well as officials.  The 2016 recipient, Ed Garule (Denver West), was recognized at the DFOA Area Meeting on Tuesday October 18.  You can view past years' recipients on the Ben Gregory Award Recipients page.

Fundraiser Announcements

We have announced a Broncos Home Game Concessions fundraiser with the partnership of DFOA with CHSBUA (Colorado High School Baseball Umpires Association). We will be needing members to signup and help with the concessions. There will be a registration webpage available soon.

New Officials Classes

We have setup the New Officials Classes for 2016!  If you know friend, neighbor, coworker, etc that has an interest in what we do, get them started. Or, if you happen to be a visitor to our website, you obviously have some interest in officiating. Click here to view more information on these classes.

News and Updates

April 19, 2016 - Because several people have reported not receiving the DFOA emails that are periodically sent out, we will begin including the important emails in the "News and Updates" blog on this site as well.  If you are not receiving an email related to one of those entries, please let us know so we can look into the problem.

CFOA Game Reports

It is required that a game report be submitted after EVERY Varsity contest, even if there were no major incidents that occurred.  When entering the report, make sure to fill out the comments section as well, especially if there are any problems.  Be descriptive in your comments so that CHSAA can notify the schools and try and correct the issue.  "Bad clock operator" is not as helpful as "clock operator was consistently slow in starting and stopping the clock", for example.

You can access the Game Report form online here:  CFOA Game Report.

If you have an ejection during a sub-varsity contest, that must also be reported to CHSAA.  Do not contact the schools directly in these reports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Per request from CHSAA, these reports should be filled out by the Referee directly!

Want to Receive News & Updates?

Good news!  We will be posting news and other site updates in the newly created News & Updates blog.  You can find the postings using the menu on the left.  Additionally, if you use an RSS reader, you can choose to have these updates included in your news feed.  Clicking on the RSS icon on the News & Updates blog will take you to an XML feed, and you can copy the URL into your favorite news reader.

Interested in Officiating High School Football?

If you are interested in becoming a high school football official, please contact Vince Bravdica at The Denver Football Officials Association recruits, trains and tests high school football officials each preseason. A mid-season training class will be held September 14 for those wishing to begin officiating in 2015! 

See Mid-Season New Officials Training for details.

Fundraiser Update

Good news!  We are now running two more fundraisers to participate in. We have partnered with the CCUA this season at Mile High Stadium operating a booth at the Bronco Games. If you have a free Sunday Afternoon contact Vince Bravdica and we'll get you signed up for the next game!

ALSO... we will begin using a new program to raise funds called SNAPBOOSTER! You'll need to register your mobile phone number at their website and list the DFOA15 as your program code, snap a photo of ANY receipt and we'll earn money when you text it to 248-246-7627. WHAT COULD BE EASIER THAN THAT? To register yourself, your family and your friends go to SNAPBOOSTER now!

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