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2018 Gold Official Nominations

The following officials were nominated by the DFOA Area Directors as potential Semi-final and Championship officials for the state.  See below for a few Q&A regarding the Gold/Blue official designations.  All names below are listed alphabetically by last name.

*** 10/30/2018 Update - Those officials in bold below have been selected by CFOA & CHSAA to the gold finalists list.  Congratulations.


Jim Altman
Pat Dowling
Tim Fitzgerald
Dan Gilman
Christopher Hopkins
Mike Kelley
Pat Klein
Joel Pogar


Charles Beckstrom
Jesse Crockett
Jerry Haines

Shannon Hartman
Garth Jax
Don Reh
Kirk Russell
Toby Stearns


Dan Bixby             Ashleigh Miller
Hank Cary Patrick Mulstay
Robert Chainhalt    
Dan Payne
Keith Clements                Aaron Punke
Lee Doerr       James Smithwick
Jeremy Finn              Chad Weigelt
John Juranek         Mike Wright
Larry Lempka           Jim Zehner
Robert Luxner

Back Judges

Bryan Bayham
Robert Blodgett
Michael Bush
Frank LaMantia
Jeff Penney
Debra Schamber
Ryan Stevens

Questions & Answers

Q: How were these officials selected?
A: A peer survey was sent to the membership in early 2018.  The results of the survey were discussed by the Area Directors to compile a list of officials to nominate.  In addition, those officials that have worked a championship in the previous three years would not be eligible to work another championship game this season.

Q: Will all these officials be working finals or semifinals?
A: No.  These officials will be observed, and as playoff time approaches, several officials will be "released" back to the Blue official pool.  In 2017, there were 9 DFOA officials working championship games, and a comparable number of semifinal games.  While there is no guarantee as to how many slots the DFOA will be given in 2018, we expect the numbers will be similar.

Q: If I'm not on this list, does that mean I won't be working playoffs?
A: Not necessarily.  The "gold" officials listed here are simply those nominated to work the semifinal and championship games.  All other playoff eligible officials will be in the "blue" officials pool, as well as gold officials who are released closer to the playoffs.

Q: What does it mean to be a "blue" official?
A: A blue officials is one who is eligible to work the playoffs, but is not nominated to work the final rounds.  Many, if not most, blue officials will work one or two early-round playoff games.  Note, however, that this may depend on the number of playoff assignments allotted to the DFOA.  Just because an official is eligible to work a playoff game does not guarantee that official will receive any assignments.

Q: What commitment do "gold" officials have?
A: A gold nominated official commits to being available for any given weekend throughout the playoffs.  If a gold official cannot commit to this for 2018, he should let the Area Directors know to be withdrawn from gold consideration as soon as possible.  Doing so will still possibly enable the official to be in the "blue" official pool.

Q: How were the gold finalists chosen?
A: A CFOA regional committee performed evaluations of gold list officials throughout the season.  (These evaluations are different than the evaluations done periodically by DFOA members.)  The committee was given the varsity game schedule of each nominated official and then each nominated official was evaluated throughout the season.  This committee then made recommendations based on their evaluations of the officials on field performances.  (Note that the members of the committee are not current DFOA officials.)

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