Latest Info: Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! We are planning several off-season events, so stay tuned. Dive into those rule books and refine your football rules knowledge for next season!


  1. You must sign in to

  2. Once you are properly logged in, the website should present the available sites for which you are registered.  Select the Colorado Central Hub account

  3. Above the main page you will see three tabs. The tab located furtherest to the right should be named Testing. Select this tab.

  4. If there is more than one test listed, select NFHS 2011 Football Rules Test - Part I.

  5. NOTE: If you do not have an ArbiterSports account you need to contact CHSAA.  If you have an account but the test is not presented to you, you have not completed your Registration.  You must do that before you are allowed to take the test.  You register on line at the ArbiterSports site.
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